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    Crystal Mining Limited Liability Company Introduction

    Organization Introduction

    Tin Tailings Resource Recycling & Utilization
      The lode which located among the far east of Russia is the main tin ore production area in the Soviet Union era; the most prominent are Kavalerovo mining area in Primorsky Territory of Russia and Far East- Tayoriny mining area.
      Crystal Mining Limited Liability Company, the predecessor is Carlos slim helu Stelios Company; in 2012 we got the proprietorship for center mill No.1 tin tailings and water conservancy facilities from the bureau of mineral resources in Primorsky region, achieved 8.03 million tons of tin mill tailings and the proprietorship for No.3 tin tailings. achieved 5.25 million tons of tin mill tailings. In the same year we got the proprietorship for Tayoriny tin tailings and water conservancy facilities by the way of purchasing, achieved 2.3 million tons of tin mill tailings. In 2014 we got the water conservancy facilities for No.3 tin tailings through the court ruling, At the same period we have completed the design approval, land, logging, water, power supply and approval matters. for these three tin tailings secondary selection mill.

      In 2013 we preferred Tayoriny tin tailings and invested 8 million Yuan to build secondary selection mill. Making use of our own mining technique we have built the experimental tin tailings mill, processed 300,000 tons/year, (Annual Working Days: 150 Days) and got the success at the first time. The quality of the crude tin ore produced by the secondary selection mill is averaged at 17.5%, tin recovery is 40%,
    the output of 2013 is 185 tons. On the basis of summary and improvement of experimental mill plant, in 2014 we invested 12 million Yuan and completed the first stage project of the center mill No.3 tin tailings. We built up the formal secondary selection mill and could process 300,000 tons tin tailings. Both the progress and quality of construction has got the favorable comment of the Russian authorities.
    We have invested 50 million Yuan and designed the secondary selection capacity for Center Mill Plant No.1 and No.3 Tin Tailings are 1.5 million tons/year which will be all completed and put into operation before 2018.

      With the output of 40 million tons there are three tin tailings located in Komsomolsk, we have come into technical cooperation agreement with one Russian company and will join efforts in developing together through the way of cooperation development.

      Within a few years’ development the Crystal Mining Limited Liability Company will become the large leading enterprise of secondary selection which can be provided with 90 million tons of tin tailings resources, processing capacity of 5 million tons / year and the annual production of crude tin ore will come to 5000 metal metric tons.

    Main Products: Crystal Mining Limited Liability Company is in the market to supply and export tin ore of russian origin regularly.

    Organization Mien
    Entire Picture of the Tailings Entire Picture of the Tailings
      Entire Picture of the Tailings
    Entire Picture of the Tailings
      Multiple-Use Building
      Multiple-Use Building
    Tin Ore Products Tin Ore Products Tin Ore Products
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