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Sales Advantages
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1. The Chinese antimony reserve is more than 60% of the world. 2. Self-owned Antimony Mine. 3. Self-owned Antimony Ingot Smelting Plant. 4. We enlarged the Antimony Trioxide Smelting Plant, set up a Dust-Free Antimony Trioxide Workshop and adopted advanced production facility for Catalytic Antimony Trioxide. 5. We have developed further-processing products and specialized in manufacturing all kinds of catalysts such as Antimony Triacetate, Antimony Glycolate, Cobalt Acetate and Manganese Acetate. 6. We possess Antimony Trioxide Master Batch Manufacturing Plant. The main raw materials are all produced and supplied specially for each kind of master batch. We are in the position to control the quality and reduce the costs, so we can provide more benefits and superior quality to our customers. 7. We have set up Customer Management System, Delivery Management System and Quality Feedback Management System so that we can effectively receive messages, enquiries, sample or goods delivery situation and quality feedback from customers.
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