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Ores Purchasing
  • -Antimony Ore
  • -Antimony Concentrate
  • -Rough Antimony Oxide
  • -Antimony Scraps
  • -Antimony Alloy Scraps
  • Materials Purchasing
  • -Copper Material
  • -Cobalt and Molybdenum slags
  • -Nickel Materiels
  • -Lead Materiels
  • -Zinc Materiels
  • -Tin Materiels
  • -Metal Slag
  • -Copper Materiels

    The raw materials of Huachang Antimony Industry are mainly imported.

    Purchasing Advantages

    No.1 We have own smelting production lines for most of the non-ferrous metals and elements. For antimony raw materials, there are qualified antimony raw materials production lines, two blast furnaces, three reverberating furnaces, two antimony white furnaces, shaft furnaces to deal with complicated antimony raw materials, three reverberatory furnaces, two blowing furnaces, multiple non-ferrous metals recycling production lines to deal with complicated lead raw materials, production lines of separating lead and antimony, electrolytic lead workshop, the equipments and furnaces to recycle all valuable metals, the processing factory dealing with oxide copper ores, complicated copper materials, ingredient workshop, four production lines of copper blister, rotary kiln to deal with zinc materials. According to the different raw materials, there are different workshops and equipments to deal with the nickel and cobalt alloys, tin alloy and nickel and molybdenum materials. There are more than forty smelting furnaces in our four factories which are all provided with the abundant comprehensive recycling capability.
    No.2 we have advantage of separation technology that is able to separate different elements in the mixed mineral and technical team for comprehensive recycle.
    No.3 we have professional employees specially taking charge of purchasing. For the large quantity raw material suppliers, we will visit them and offer higher price and sign long term contract.
    No.4 we provide suitable trade conditions and terms for the different suppliers who have different demand. We will make our best effort to meet the supplier’s demand and conclude the business.
    No.5 with good reputation, our suppliers have given us high praise and kept continuous supply. They usually deliver the materials directly to our plant.
    No.6 we operate fair sampling and testing, fast payment and simple transaction procedures that are very satisfied by our suppliers. The equipments of sampling and making sample are well-prepared, and all the people taking charge of inspection have passed strictly training. We always keep in mind that client is God.
    No.7 we can provide advanced technology assistance for our clients at mining, material processing and establishing the concentration plant. We are also ready for technology cooperation, share and joint venture with Non-Ferrous metal mine from all countries.

    No.8 according to China Custom’s statistics, the amount of antimony material imported by Huachang Group is 55% of total amount imported by Chinese companies in 2010.
    No.9 in 2010, gained China Custom’s approval, Huachang Group has become one of the Five Self-discipline Enterprises in China, which is qualified to import secondary ores and materials.
    No.10 our purchasing principle is ensuring customers to get the payment by the most prompt and convenient transaction methods, relying on reliable price system, all of the customers have been our long term partners after first cooperation. A transaction will lead to fruitful achievements.

    Purchasing Categories

    Group Purchasing Category

    Antimony Raw Material

    Antimony Ore

    Antimony Concentrates

    Rough Antimony Oxide Powder?

    Antimony Ingot

    Alloy contain Antimony

    Antimony Lead Alloy

    Antimony Materials from smelting process

    Copper Raw Material

    Copper Oxide ore

    Copper Sulfate

    Sponge Copper

    Copper Mud

    Copper Anode Mud

    Copper Dust

    Copper Materials from smelting process

    Rough Copper Alloy Scraps

    Copper materiel

    Comprehensive Recovery Materials from Factory

    Lead Materiel

    Lead Oxide Material

    Lead Materials (From Lead Smeltery)

    Lead Anode Mud (From Processing of Electrolytic lead)

    Lead Soot (From Lead Blast Furnace)

    Lead Alloy Materials

    Zinc Materiel

    Zinc Oxide Material(From Lead &Copper Smeltery)

    Zinc Dross (From Zinc Smeltery)

    Cobalt Materiel

    Cobalt Material(Cobalt Catalyst)

    Cobalt Alloy Materials

    Nickel Materiel

    Nickel Catalyst

    Nickel Mud

    Nickel And Copper Material

    Tin Materiel

    Tin Material

    Tin Alloy Materials

    Molybdenum Materiel

    Molybdenum Catalyst (From Petroleum Industry)

    Molybdenum Materials from smelting process

    Cobalt And Molybdenum Materials

    Precious Metal Materiel

    Gold Concentrates Ore(Complex and difficult to deal with High Arsenic Content)

    Gold And Silver Mixed Ore(concentrating plant of Copper,Lead,Zinc And Tin)

    Materials containing Gold and Silver(Recycling From Smeltery of Copper,Lead,Zinc,Tin And Antimony

    3.Sampling Procedure Pictures (For details, please click to enter)

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