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Recruiting Distributors of Antimony Products

   Huachang Antimony Industry is an entity of qualified import and export business, which engaged in manufacturing and distributing of antimony products for many years. With annual production capability of 12000MT, Huachang have accumulated a great number of new and regular customers around the world (More products information, please visit our website: www.antimony-cn.com). For further market extending goal, Huachang Antimony Industry is willing to recruit Distributors for export products around world (could be company or Individual). The qualifications of applicants and the support from Huachang are listed as below:

The qualifications of Distributors required

1 The business ranges of distributor (company or individual) are in the relevant lines for antimony products, such as Polyester, Rubber, and Flame Retardant Industries. Abundant knowledge and experience to antimony industry and products.
2 Owns at least 1-2 regular customers who consume antimony products.
3 Sale volumes should achieve 20MT monthly or 200MT yearly.
4 Having strong ability of extending market and showing activity, remaining good relationship with customers, keeping good communication with Huachang.

The supports from Huachang

1 Commission. 1-2% commission for every successful deal.
2 Competitive Price. The price for distributors is 2% lower than the price which we offer to single buyer.
3 Priority of cargo delivery.
4 The support in sales process and after-sale service. Every necessary work, such as shipment arrangement, payment, the issues of after-sale and so on, are in the charge of professional people from Huachang, who will take responsibility of communicating with distributors and customers.
5 The distributors will upgrade as sole franchised agents when annual sale volumes exceed 1000MT.
Please contact us if you are qualified, welcome to join, looking forward to our cooperation.

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