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Greeting Address by the Chairman
   Huachang Group goes through the development courses from small-scale and weak to big-scale and strong. encountered the innovation then decided to get the allotment of shares from a state-owned corporation—Hunan Huachang Antimony Industry Corporation, and finally we set up a syndicate which is made up of Huachang Mining Limited, Shenyang Huachang Non-Ferrous Mining Co.,Ltd, (former Shenyang Huachang Antimony Chemical Co.,Ltd),Shenyang Five Star Mining Co.,Ltd,Guangzhou Mining Co.,Ltd,Russia "Crystal" Mining Limited Liability Company,Limited Liability Company Mining Company"Five Stars" Russia,Fushun Hongtoushan Copper Smeltery, Dalian Five Star Catalyst Company, Hunan Shengli Chemical Plant, Huachang Antimony Smelting Plant, Hunan Huachang Mining Corporation,Ouya Antimony Trioxide Masterbatch Plant, Guohui Antimony Industry Co.,Ltd, Xinhuan Non-ferrous Metal Smelting Plant, and Global Star Mining and Smelting Plant. It is undoubtedly all the achievements concentrate our hard work and continuously exploration. Today we must keep going on to be the leader of this prosperous period.
??????    "Sincerely, Strenuously, Studiously", the 3S rule is the slogan to encourage all members of Huachang Group."Be pure-hearted to everyone" is not just a simple sentence without soul but our attitude towards life. We truly hope that during the communication and cooperation, you could feel it. We acquire experiences and skills by study, cooperation and competition. We expand business scale by setting up multiplied forms of cooperation relation to achieve our finally goal, that is, to accomplish better resource arrangement, to create more wealth, and contribute more to the society and human beings.
---What we are facing is that: It is a brand-new epoch that opportunities with challenges, difficulties with hopes. So everybody should catch opportunities, challenge themselves, conquer difficulties and tend to success.
---What we are yearning is that: All of the staff are loyal to the enterprise, clinging to the undertaking, carving out the business and provided with nicer professional ethics and philosophy. Therefore, they can promote continuous development of the enterprise.
---What we are pushing is that : the harmonious enterprise cultural environment and nice developing space for undertakings, high efficient management operating system, encouragement and compliment to the achievers.
---What we are paying much attention to is that: Adhering to the main theme of "Human Oriented", "Pioneering and Enterprising" and "Innovative Management" as the core of our enterprise culture and try our best to mold a group of staff with high quality.
   During the achieving development process ,Huachang Antimony Industry makes every effort to protect ecological environment and maintain the limited living space. On the basis of this precondition, we popularize and innovate new brand "Five Star".
Huachang Group is willing to contribute ourselves to all human beings.

   Huachang motto
1.Fortune will return with collective brains even without collective fortune..
Fortune will break with scattered brains even without scattered fortune.
Be in good faith results in great benefit.
Money inflows continuously as you spend; shares grow constantly as you manage.
2.Finish your daily tasks and progress day by day. There should be prompt action otherwise it will be invalid in 72 hours without beginning forever.
3.Let each colleague know they should take and share the responsibility; they should have the courage to undertake the responsibility and the right to cooperate. Inform the target to the subordinate clearly and also inform the evaluation standard accordingly.
4.Making oneself happy is virtue, making others happy is contribution. Pay much attention to influences from the language and emotion, one man who is keen on his work, which will influence the others, opposite will not.
5.Success in management is: simplify the complicated, and practise repeatedly.
The duty of an entrepreneur is to set up configuration and educate people, while not go for every detail personally----focus to build up influence.
6.There should be prospective for planning development strategy, forecasting the future, keeping interity and causing competition and incentive mechanism. Management (Success)=Simplify the complex work and repeat the simple work.
7.The organization can not lose fight owing someone left or leave or time changed, it should continue to make further development.
8.Being in good faith for an enterprise is not only the matter for the boss himself, but also putting the way of keeping faith into effect, weighing the elements and ways that affect our promises-keeping.
9.Attention namely fact
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