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Credity System of Huachang Group

1. The essential conception of “good faith”.
It embodies as follows: be honest in times of making contributions, be honest when without even being noticed or binded.
The essential conception of “good faith” is: Seek truth from facts and be upright and honest in word and deed. Be true in word, resolute in action. Keep promises.
Keeping good faith when facing the whole society and the public firstly, and then small groups and individuals.
The good faith of enterprise is often reflected in the pleasure of the trust from costumers; embodied in the lasting willingness for long-term cooperation, and the extensive discussions from all sectors of society.
2. Levels of being in good faith
(1)The starting point of being in good faith is to be lawfulreasonable and fair.
(2)Have the notion of creating real values to society, undertake the social responsibility of
managing the country and helping its people.
(3)Think of your cooperative partners often, and think in others’ shoes. Try to meet all their anticipated demands.
(4) Be proud of serving as more people as possible.
(5) Benefit others prior to ourselves till even utterly devote to others without any thought of ourselves
3. Contents of being in good faith
(1)Faith in management: emphasize that individual is the first essential in management.Showing
the affection to the staff.
(2) Faith in business-doing: show the enterprise’s image and behavior of being honest and
trustworthy to costumers. Meet their demands according to our commitments with real quality as
well as quantity. Respect for consumers and be in pursuit of Truth, Kindness, and Beauty.
(3) It embodies as follows:
1) Repay loans on time for financial departments.
2) Pay for suppliers on schedule. Be fair in samples-making, and be reasonable in prices-purchasing.
3) Guarantee the quantity, quality and delivery date of the products and service provided for customers.
4) Fulfill our commitments about quoted prices and their validities according to contract clauses
strictly. Think from others’ perspectives in business negotiation and contract implementation. Try to meet all their anticipated demands.
5) Provide staff with guarantee for various rights and interests.
6) Pay duty on time and in full.
7) Abide by the nation’s laws, and respond to the nation’s calls. Contribute to the development and expansion of the country.
8) Make and keep promises which meet the environmental requirements.
(4)Affairs-keeping: remember what you ever say and keep it strictly----that’s to say keep your promises.
(5) Time-keeping: finish tasks ahead of not behind schedule. You name it, you must do it. It’ll
be esteemed in bad faith for any delays in meeting, dating, money-repaying, arranging payment you should pay, etc.
(6) Quantity-keeping: never try to find any excuses for your shortage in quantity, like in short of cash on hand, inflexible capital turnover or much money owed outside.
(7) Quality-keeping: guarantee the quality you promise for others. Never be perfunctory and careless when severing people. Never change brands or adulterate in goods-offering. Keep to the facts and leave the right of commenting to costumers themselves.
4. Ways of keeping faith
(1) The leading bodies at all levels of Huachang must be moral models, who should be decent with lofty ideals and moral integrity as well as lofty sentiments. Pay great attention to credibility and social responsibility.
(2) Recruit good-quality person. Know more about his faith records through various channels. Observe his manner and work attitude, and then HR could make a correct judgement by analyzing the opinions from across the board.
(3) Turn out the untrustworthy members. Judge them through the scores inferred from the clauses in performance-assessing sheets. Make a general valuation every three months and, if it’s necessary, part with the members who betray trust.
(4) Every department of Huachang will resolutely refuse to do business with the companies or individuals without good faith records.
A. We will assess the good faith level of our contacting partners in being once per quarter and will set up files. Major in the aspect of material supply. Each basic unit find problems should report to the relevant department.
B. Gradually reduce the contact with the companies or individuals without good faith, especially the suppliers.
C. Increase the contact and trade frequency with the companies of good faith, especially the material suppliers.
D. Look for new companies of good faith and add them into Huachang's material supply clients group.
(5)Assess the ability of keep faith of the contacting partners, reject the ones who can not keep faith.
(6)The Huachangs should firstly scale their ability and conditions and other factors of keep faith before make any promise to others.
(7)Promises should be clear, definite and informal, avoid any potential problems and obey the good faith.(create indefinite or confusable concepts are the quillets of break the good faith ).
(8)The procedure and standard in each work tache made by each department of Huachang about the company's operating activities. From the materials' coming into the factory, the products' leaving the factory, sales and service, each step should have a strict process and carry out carefully by the rule, which will guarantee the good faith operation.
5. Good faith check, intendance and disclosure systems
All the colleagues should fill in every week's performance-assessing sheets carefully with the contents listed and add one's own pledge in the column "Good Faith Pledge". The department colleagues and manager will examine and handle the performance-assessing sheets to the general manager to check and deal. The general manager will reveal the persons or the acts that breaking the good faith on every week's conference. One score deducted for once broke the good faith, more than three times will be released.
All the staff of Huachang have the duty and responsibility to point out the leader's act that breaks the good faith, who will be praised with one score in the performance-assessing sheets. Point out in every department's weekly conferrence will be given 1.5 scores.
The above systems will be passed by all the staff's discussion!
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