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1. Feb. 1965, set up Yiyang Smelting Chemical Plant .
2. Dec.1965, newly built a 6m2 antimony trioxide furnace & its hop-pocket dust-receiving system .
3. Feb. 1967, the vertical well burned furnace had been developed to four holes within one line & newly built a 6m2 reverberator furnace & its hop-pocket dust-receiving system.
4. Dec. 1969, the reverberator furnace had been developed to be 10m2.
5. Mar. 1972, newly built a 0.7m2 blast furnace & its condensing dust-receiving system.
6. Jan. 1973, established the antimony workshop & machine workshop.
7. May, 1973, newly built the second 10m2reverberator furnace & its dust-receiving system.
8. Sep. 1973, export antimony trioxide outside China at the first time.
9. Dec. 1980, newly built the second 0.7m2 blast furnace of which furnace campaign firstly broke hundred days reaching107 days
10. Sep. 1982, the Special # Antimony Trioxide was awarded "Quality Product Certificate" by Ministry of Metallurgical Industry


11. Dec.1983, the Special # Antimony Trioxide was awarded "Excellent Product Quality Certificate "by Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation
12. May. 1985,"Huachang Brand "had been approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as our registered brand for antimony trioxide product.
13. Oct. 1985, newly built the second 6m2antimony trioxide furnace.
14. July.1986, the "Third-level Measuring Qualified Certificate"was issued to us by the Provincial Measurement Bureau.
15. May. 1988, got "The secondary Measurement Qualified Certificate".
16. June.1988, different particle sizes of antimony trioxide products had passed the Provincial-level Technical Expertise .
17. Nov. 1988, was awarded "Quality Control Prize of Hunan Province".
18. July. 1989, got the title of "Provincial-level Advanced Enterprise of Hunan Province".
19. Aug. 1989, got the titles of " Provincial Second-level Standardized Enterprise" & "National Second-level Standardized Enterprise".
20. Jan. 1990, got the title of "Provincial File Management Advanced Enterprise in Hunan Province". 21. May.1990, got the qualified "second-level enterprise" after counter-check.
22. Dec. 1990, the high efficiency flame retardant antimony trioxide (the products with different particle sizes) got the title of " Provincial High Quality Product".
23. Apr. 1991, the company was awarded "Excellent Management Enterprise Prize" by Non-Ferrous Metal Industry Corp of China.(Viz Golden Eagle Award).
24. Oct. 1991, the company was awarded "Excellent Enterprise Management Prize of Hunan Province".

25. Sep. 1992, set up Yiyang Antimony Waterproofing& Heat-insulation Powder Plant.
26. Oct. 1992, built the Yiguang Smelting Plant associated with Liancheng Town, Guangnan County, Yunan Province.
27. Dec. 1993, set up a smelting branch factory in Dushan City, Guizhou Province.
28. May, 1994, set up Shanghai Management Department.
29. Feb. 1995, set up Guangzhou Management Department.
30. May, 1996, established branch offices in Beijing, Yuyao &Jinan.
31. June. 1996, the company rose to"National Secondary Enterprise".
32. Dec. 1996, the newly-built "Three Special" antimony trioxide production line had been finished & put into production.
33. Jan. 1997, restructuring of enterprise as "Hunan Huachang Antimony Industry Ltd".
34. Dec. 1997, the company had passed the ISO Quality System Certificate ,got free import-export authority , "Huachang "brand was evaluated as one of the famous trade marks in Hunan Province.
35. Dec. 1998, the company was awarded the title of "Outstanding Enterprise of Hunan Province" by Hunan people's Government.
36. Apr. 1999, the nanometer-level antimony trioxide, developed together with the Chinese Academy of Science Chemistry Metallurgy Research Institute, had succeeded in trial-production.
37. Oct. 1999, succeeded in trying to smelt crisp embritite by fining blast furnace.
38. Jan. 2000, the high efficiency antimony trioxide (catalytic antimony trioxide) product line had been put into production with an annual capacity of 2,500Mt.
39. Apr. 2000, six 5m2 oxiden furnaces dealing with lead antimony alloy had been put into production.
40. Jun. 2000, the silver converter furnace had put into production. with capacity of 10Mt/Annual.
41. Oct. 2000, the lead electrolysis workshop had been completed & put into production.
42. In 2001, according to the standards of ISO 9001: 2000, the company improved the quality management system & operated in accordance with the standards in new edition & the company quality control system document.
43. In 2002, the company carried on the standard transformation of ISO 9001: 2000 & the quality system authentication.
44. In 2003, the company was awarded as "Quality Credit-worthy Enterprise" .
45. Apr. 2004, set up the Hong Kong Huachang Antimony Chemical Co., Ltd which gives the priority of import and export business.
46. Jul. 2004, the Ouya MasterBatch Manufacturer was built by the way of joint-venture and cooperation.
47. Nov. 2004, the joint-venture and cooperation between Changde Mining Co.,Ltd, Guohui Antimony Factory and Huachang Shengli Chemical Factory was successful.
48. At the end of 2004, Hunan Huachang Antimony Industry Ltd primary strypped-down.
49. During the January of 2005, Hunan Hengsheng Group, Shenyang Huachang Antimony Chemical Co.,Ltd and Yiyang Bailong Antimony purchased Hunan Huachang Antimony Industry Ltd and succeeded in strypped-down.
50. Feb. 2005, set up Yiyang Huachang Antimony Co.,Ltd and continued export supplier qualification.
51. Mar. 2005, determined that all the foreign trade business would be dealt by Shenyang Huachang Antimony Chemical Co., Ltd & Hong Kong Huachang Antimony Chemical Limited in Shenyang.
52. May, 2005, set up the Foshan Office, Dongguan Office, Fuzhou Office,Jining Office &Tangshan Office.
53. Nov. 2005, the environmental-protection, flame retardant antimony trioxide produced by Yiyang Huachang Antimony Co., Ltd had passed the High-tech products & High-tech Enterprise Authenticates of Hunan Province.
54.Apr. 2006, the company cancelled the branch offices in Dong guan, Fuzhou, Jinan, Tangshan, Beijing, Wuhan , Guangzhou offices and the subsidiary company in Shijiazhuang. Built the direct sale points in Fushan and Jiangyin. The company tried its best to let the customer see the products directly & reduce the middle link in order to save the cost, lower down the sale price of the products & materially benefit the end users.
55. October 2006, import 3000 metric tons of antimony ore from Russia for the first time and sign long term supply contract.
56. December 2006, Yiyang Global Star Mining Co., Ltd was established which mainly smelt the tailing ores of lead and antimony and produce lead-antimony alloy.
57. Jan.2007, exports of antimony products in 2006 exceeded domestic sales and reached 8000mt.
58 February 2007, purchase and hold the stock of Xinhuan Non-Ferrous Metal Smelting Plant, newly increase the production line for separating antimony, lead, arsenic, and built the production line for regenerating and using lead, zinc, bismith and indium.
59. End of February 2007, Shenyang Huachang Antimony Chemical Co., Ltd increase new purchasing items: Antimony Ores, Lead Ores, Zinc Ores, Copper Ores, other tailing ores of Non-ferrous metal and all kinds of rough alloy (antimony, lead, copper, cobalt, nickel molybdenum, vanadium, chromium, tungsten, tin, indium and bismith) ,that will be used as raw material for the new production line.
60. May 2007, set up Indian sales office for paving Indian market. The detailed address as following.
61. March 2008, the 1.2 square meters' blast furnace of Global Star Mining Co., Ltd put into production and the first trial batch were successfully produced by the open hearth furnace.
62. In May 2008, Huachang Group signed participation cooperation agreement with Hongtoushan Copper Smelter, in which indicates that Huachang Group is in charge of its international purchasing about copper ores and other raw materials.
63.In January 2009, Shenyang Chenzhou Mining Co.,Ltd was established, which will be in charge of Huachang Group’s international purchasing about various kinds of ores and raw materials.
64.December, 2009, set up the Russia Sales & Purchase Office in Moscow.
65.December, 2009,"Huachang Antimony Industry” renamed for “Huachang Mining Group” formally.
66. Jan. 2010, prepared to establish Shenyang Huachang Non-Ferrous Mining Co., Ltd, furthermore, Shenyang Huachang Antimony Chemical Co.,Ltd was renamed to Shenyang Huachang Non-Ferrous Mining Co.,Ltd which will be engaged in purchasing of non-ferrous raw materials, buying shares of oversea mines and setting up concentrating mills for mixed ores of antimony, copper, molybdenum and lead.
67.In 2010,Hong Kong Huachang Antimony Chemical Limited was renamed to Huachang Mining Limited.
68. Feb. 2010, Shenyang Five Star Mining Co., Ltd was established in Shenyang, which is specializied in import of Non-Ferrous Metal Scraps.
69. Attended Seminar of Non-Mineral Products Containing Copper and Znic Solid Waste Identification,2010 in Guangxi province, Shenyang Huachang Non-Ferrous Mining Co., Ltd, the subsidiary company of Huachang Group gained import qualification of mineral scraps, to be a member of minority enterprises self-discipline which gets the import approval.

70. Jun. 2010, appointed "Keniplas(Pty) Ltd" as the exclusive agent for export products in South Africa, which can provide much better services to our customers directly.

71. Oct. 2010, set up Guangzhou Antimony Star Mining Co., Ltd in Guangzhou in order to recruit talent widely and do our best to develop the international procurements of mineral resources. It mainly deals with importing Non-Ferrous slag of lead, zinc, copper, molybdenum,tin, cobalt, nickel etc.

72. 2011,according to China Custom’s statistics, the imported volume of antimony raw materials by Huachang Group in 2010 accounted for 55% of the total imported quantity in China.

73. July 2011,set up Liability Limited Company Mining Company"Five Stars"in Russia. During the same year of December,set up Russia "Crystal"Mining Limited Liability Company".It has mergered and purchased the local concentrating mills and mines of antimony,copper, tin and tungsten.Engaged in exploring Non-ferrous Metal Mines,doing mineralprospection, operating Tailings processing,producing and trading chemical products.

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