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Cobalt content is above 8%. There is no content stipulation for nickel materials. If the content of nickel is above 25% , our requirement quantity is not limited.
It is reported that there are 2 years product-life-time for mobile phone with 60% cobalt and nickel. With more and more mobile phone users, currently scrap battery callback is one of the most important difficulties in China .There are 2.1 billion pieces of mobile phone lithium batteries, however, 1.7 billion are wastes and all of these figures are still rising .If all of these waste batteries can not be dealt well, It will cause too much pollutions to the environment.
Huachang Industry: Cobalt & Nickel Material Co., Ltd, As one of the industrial companies, it’s annual production of cobalt metal 2000Mt, nickel metal 2000Mt .And in order to carry out continuable development, reduce production costs, improve compositive usage rate of resource and economy benefits, Cobalt & Nickel Material Co., Ltd uses cobalt & nickel scrap batteries as raw material in professional cobalt and nickel production.
Based on yearly researches and experimentations, Shenyang Huachang Antimony Chemical Co.,Ltd develops new technics which make use of scrap batteries (with cobalt & nickel ) as raw material to extract cobalt ,nickel and other rare metals .The scrap batteries have been transformed from waste to treasure. It is introduced by the chief director that since the scrap battery recycling systems have been put into production, the cobalt and nickel which have been extracted from scrap mobile phone batteries can still be used as raw material of new phones.

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