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Main Types of Antimony Ore

Although ,there have been more than 120 kinds of antimony mineral material and related concentrated material on the earth's crust at present ,so far there are only rare 10 kinds of them with industrial application value ,with Sb 20% min, viz : zinkenite mine (Sb 71.4% ),square antimony mine (Sb 83.3% ),antimonide (Sb 83.3% ),antimony ochre (Sb 74%-79% ) ,yellow antimonide (Sb 74.5% ) ,sulphide oxiden mine ( Sb 75.2% ) ,natural antimony(Sb 100%),sulphide Hg antimony mine (Sb 51.6% ) ,fragile sulphide antimony ,lead mine ( Sb 35.5% ),black copper mine (Sb 25%) .Thereinto ,zinkenite mine is the most important mineral raw material.
Industrial Types of antimony ore
According to the ingredient property some of the antimony is single mineral bed ,the other more are more groups living mineral bed , antimony and gold ,hydrargyrum and tungsten together.
Therefore industrial types of antimony ore should be :single antimony ,antimony gold ,antimony gold-tungsten and antimony tungsten.

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