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Company Brief Introduction

   With over forty years' development, New Huachang Five Star Group is reformed from Hunan Huachang-the secondary state-owned enterprise and the Chinese second antimony production base into a huge syndicate group. Now our group holds and shares the entities of Huachang Mining Limited,Shenyang Huachang Non-Ferrous Mining Co.,Ltd,Shenyang Five Star Mining Co.,Ltd,Guangzhou Antimony Star Mining Co.,Ltd,Russia "Crystal" Mining Limited Liability Company,Limited Liability Company Mining Company "Five Stars" Russia , Fushun Hongtoushan Copper Smelting Plant,Dalian Five Star Catalysts Factory,Hunan Shengli Chemical Factory,Huachang Antimony Smelting Plant, Hunan Changde Mining Corporation, Ouya Antimony Trioxide Masterbatch Factory,Guohui Antimony Industry Co.,Ltd, Xinhuan Non-Ferrous Metal Smelting plant, and Global Star Mining Smelting Co.,Ltd,With fast reformation,Huachang Group purchases and held the stock of Xinhua Non-Ferrous Metal Smelting Plant in February 2007, newly increased the production lines for separating antimony, lead, arsenic, and built the production lines for regenerating and using lead, zinc, bismuth and indium. In December 2007, Global Star Mining Co., Ltd was established which mainly smelted the tailing ores of lead & antimony and produced lead-antimony alloy, then in 2008, bought shares of Hongtoushan Copper Smelting Plant, furthermore, the other production lines for regenerating and using other non-ferrous metals also have been under preparation and construction which lead Huachang Five star Group to achieve all of their desires to recycle all of the valuable metals, and make the recovery of the non-ferrous metal come to a brand new height.
   During years of practices, Huachang Five Star Group developed gradually from mainly exploiting, smelting and further production exploitation of antimony ore to the extension of processing and smelting of other non-ferrous metals. Our group has completed mines exploitation, abroad import; offshore investments for mines exploitation , establishment of mine selecting factory overseas, comprehensive recovery of Non-ferrous metal and renewable resources, the smelting of renewable resources and non-ferrous metal, and deep processing of chemical products of non-ferrous metal, so as to make our enterprise improve itself in reform and achieve development..
   During the period of achieving development, Huachang Five Star Group makes every effort to protect ecological environment and maintain the limited living space. On the basis of this precondition, we innovate new brand “Five Star" which represents our quality and reputation. Huachang Five Star Group is willing to contribute ourselves to all human beings
   The Antimony Production Plants which are subordinate to Huachang Five Star Group have the annual production capacity of 16000 MT antimony products. The annual capacity of smelting antimony is 25000 Mt.The annual capacity of smelting copper is 60000 Mt. The annual comprehensive recovery and production capacity of newly developed Non-Ferrous Metal materials (Except Lead, Zinc and Copper) of Indium ,Bismuth, Tin, Gold, Silver and Tellurium have come to 8000 Mt. Huachang Five Star Group has registered ISO 9002:2000 certificate for our export products including antimony ingot, antimony granule , antimony trioxide, catalytic antimony trioxide, sodium antimonate, antimony trisulfide, antimony trioxide masterbatch, antimony triacetate, cobalt acetate and manganese acetate. At the same time Huachang Five Star Group has been persisting in management of good faith, pursuing excellent quality and supplying superior service. For many years, we have accumulated a great deal of new and regular cooperant customers both in and abroad

The comprehensive recovery of metal renewable resources of Huachang Five Star Group has been taken shape, it is provided with smelting production lines for most of the non-ferrous metals and elements. For antimony raw materials, there are qualified antimony raw materials production lines, two blast furnaces, three reverberatory furnaces, two antimony white furnaces, shaft furnaces to deal with complicated antimony raw materials, three reverberatory furnaces, two blowing furnaces, multiple non-ferrous metals recycling production lines to deal with complicated lead raw materials, separating lead and antimony production lines, electrolytic lead workshop, the equipments and furnaces to recycle valuable metals, the mineral processing factory dealing with oxide copper ores, complicated copper sludge and copper materials, batch plant, there are four production lines, rotary kiln to deal with zinc oxide materials. According to the different raw materials, there are different workshop and equipments to deal with the nickel and cobalt alloys, nickel alloy and nickel and molybdenum materials. There are more than forty smelting furnaces in our four factories which are all provided with the abundant comprehensive recycling ability, and put through the associate inspection of environmental protection department from county, city and province; and we attained the national emission standard with the Province-certificate of environmental protection awarded...

   In May 2010, Attended Seminar of Non-metal Mineral Products Solid Waste Identification held by China Customs, Commodity Inspection Bureau and Ministry of Environmental Protection, Shenyang Huachang Non-Ferrous Mining Co., Ltd, the subsidiary company of Huachang Group gained import qualification of mineral materials, to be a member of minority enterprises self-discipline which gets the import approval.

   July 2011,set up Russia "Crystal" Mining Limited Liability Company and Limited Liability Company Mining Company"Five Stars" Russia.

   Huachang Five Star Group has never stopped progressing. We are willingly and sincerely ready to cooperate with friends all over the world and set up a prosperous future together!

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